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Physical Science Midterm 1-2


1 2 3
6   7           8 9      
  10     11              
12             13    
    15   16              
17           18      
  21       22

4.Anything that has volume and takes up space
5.Elements in the far right column of the periodic table (2 Words)
7.A form of matter with definite volume but no shape is a ___
9.Matter with a density that is greater than water will ___ when placed in a container of water
11.A base is a compound that contains the _____ radical
12.The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be created or destroyed in a ___ change
16.A substance formed when two or more elements combine chemically
17.Elements in the periodic table are organized by _______ (2 Words)
19.A method of measuring volume of irregularly shaped objects is displacement of ____
20.The central part of an atom
21.This prefix means 1/1000
23.The measure of how hard ___ pulls on an object is called weight
1.Characteristics that help identify an object
2.A _____ tells what kinds of atoms are in a compound and how many are present (2 Words)
3.The measure of how tightly matter is packed into a given volume
6.A tiny particle that moves around a nucleus
8.A compound that reacts with metals to produce ____ is an acid
10.Elements to the left of the zig zag line in the periodic table
13.The basic unit of volume
14.This prefix means 1000
15.The 4 main chemical reactions are ____, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement
18.The curved surface of a liquid
22.An element whose atoms do not react in nature with atoms of other elements is ___

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