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Chapter Eight: The Economy of Canada Crossword

Sam, Shay, Lexie, Hannah, Paul, Joel, Russell S., Nathan

1           2   3 4
5 6                        
7                 8      
12                                 13
  15 16                          
19                             20   21      

1.Waste left after mining and smelting.
6.To reduce labour costs by firing managers and redistributing the work among remaining employees.
7.Anything that can be bought and sold.
10.A dark, viscous material found in the upper strata of the Earth.
12.A business that operates offices and branches in three or more countries.
14.A boat that drags a net along the bottom of the sea.
16.Alternating periods of ups and downs in economic activity.
17.An official count of the people in a country, city, district, and so on.
18.Different levels of income between regions.
19.An economy that relies on the manufacturing of goods.
22.A trend towards interdependent national economies.
23.The small, enclosed space on a boat that shelters the steering wheel.
24.An economy that relies on the extraction or primary processing of raw materials.
2.Fish living on or near the bottom of the sea, such as halibut, cod, and so on.
3.Measure of the general rise in prices of goods and services.
4.A period of time in which the Department of Fisheries allows commercial fishing in a designated area.
5.A rare igneous rock that sometimes contains diamonds.
8.An industry that collects natural resources.
9.Intangible things that satisfy a want. For example, banking, insurance, and transportation services.
11.Government purchases the licenses it has sold.
12.Workers who must travel to find employment.
13.To replace full- time employees with part- time or contract employees who receive no benefit packages or guarantees of job benefit.
15.Refuse left over after after ore has been removed.
20.A trend of rising share prices.
21.A fishing boat that uses a net to encircle a school of trapped fish.

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