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11th grade semester review

Mrs. Pancost

2     3     4     5   6
8   9 10                      
12                   13                   14  
15                   16         17  
20   21                  
24                   25      
  27           28      
30 31               32        

2.weigh carefully in the mind; think about it
4.witty or funny observation; joke
9.of relatively small size
11.resulting from a sudden impulse or inclination
12.natural or habitual inclination or tendency
13.tending to excite anger, disorder, or tumult
15.civil officer or judge who administers the law
16.old fashioned
19.patience; self control; tolerance
20.a person who pretends to have virtues; a person who does the thing they warn others not to do
23.odd, peculiar, or strange condition or situation
24.of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world
26.savagely cruel
27.tending to inspire awe or wonder by reason of notable size or power
30.disagreeably harsh in sound
32.lowest point
33.relevant or related to a subject under consideration
34.a situation that is difficult to escape from
35.a special honor or respect that is shown publicly
1.extremely severe or harmful in its effects
3.likely to have a strong effect; radical; extreme
5.special right possessed by an individual
6.cause to feel horror
7.disagreeable necessity; personal burden
8.dignified manner of dress or behavior
10.incapable of being satisfied
14.deserving of reproof
17.full of twists and turns; causing lots of suffering or anguish
18.to evident to be doubted; not able to be disputed
21.pertaining to or consisting of money
22.occurring or produced by chance; fortunate
25.not conforming to type; different
28.abolish by formal action
29.characterized by warmth of feeling
31.put to rest; calm; quiet

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