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Stranger With My Face Crossword

1 2 3          
      5   6      
      8       9   10
12                     13  
17   18      
        22 23                
25       26          

3.The name of the people Helen grew up with
4.The name of the city Lia and the Abbott's are from.
5.Jeff's last name
8.The name of the girl Laurie becomes friends with.
11.The state where Lia and Laurie’s mother is supposed to have found their father
12.The name of Laurie’s boyfriend
14.Laurie's father writes this genre of books for a living
15.The thing everyone on the island uses as transportation to get to and from the main land
16.The name of the boy who saved Jeff and Laurie when they were stuck in the rocks
19.Laurie and Lia are both able to do this
20.Laurie's mother is one of these
23.The colour of the eagle that was on the necklace Helen gave to Laurie for Christmas
24.The last name of the main character
25.The first name of Laurie’s brother
26.The thing that Cliff House is on
1.The name of the house where the Stratton's live
2.The type of hospital Lia was sent to
3.The name of the state Laurie lives in
6.The name of the state where Helen's parents lived before moving to New England
7.The pendant on the necklace is in the shape of this type of bird
9.The name of the state where the hospital Helen is staying in
10.The name of the hospital Helen was transferred to
13.The name of Lia’s foster sister
17.The island was named after this name
18.Megan says these live in the caves in the rocks by Cliff House
19.The last name of Lia’s foster family
21.Helen's last name
22.The first name of Laurie’s little sister

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