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Earth Science Midterm 3-4


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3.Anything that has mass and takes up space
5.Nonmetallic luster can be described as ______
6.The way a mineral reflects light
8.If a map has only a single arrow, it points in this direction
10.The color of a star depends on its _______
11.A _____ eclipse is the shadow of the earth on the moon
12.The tilt of the Earth's axis causes ______
14.A point on Earth can be found at the intersecting lines of _____ and latitude.
16.A cloud of dust and gas in space
19.A characteristic that describes matter
20.Three types of minerals are ____, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
21.A _____ eclipse is the shadow of the moon on the earth
1.About 70% of the Earth is _____
2.The universe is all of the ______ together
3.Our entire solar system is part of this galaxy (2 Words)
4.A star's _____ is determined by its distance from Earth and the amount of energy it gives off
7.Study of the earth's oceans
9.The largest planet
12.This planet has large rings of ice particles and dust
13.Used to find distances between points on a map
15.The earth has 24 standard _____ (2 Words)
17.Property of minerals that is LEAST helpful when identifying them
18.This planet appears red because of iron in its rock and sand

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