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Environmental Health

Group 4

1 2
3 4    

6.The geographical and conceptual boundaries of an area; related to ownership and responsibility for an area
7.One of three aspects of environmental health, also known as the natural surroundings (2 Words)
8.An important consideration when looking at things from an Indigenous perspective; associated with pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages, give and take, etc
10.Contact with or presence of contaminants or pollutants that result in a particular health outcome, often considered as a risk factor for disease or illness
11.One of three aspects of environmental health, focusing on things like toxins and microscopic contamination (2 Words)
12.Actions taken to improve a situation; examples of this include building farmers’ markets and fresh food trucks visiting reservations
1.This branch of the US government is responsible for protecting human health and the environment through regulations (3 Words)
2.One of three aspects of environmental health, focusing on the built, structural surroundings (2 Words)
3.Contaminants present in the environment, often the byproducts of factories, processing plants, etc.
4.Cultural activities that have been put at risk due to environmental contamination; examples include hunting, fishing, sweat lodges, basket weaving (2 Words)
5.This “game”-related phenomenon highlights the cause-and-effect nature of sequences of events (2 Words)
9.The measurement and evaluation of exposure and related health outcomes (2 Words)

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