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language arts project

Alex Steilberg

  2 3             4  
7           8   9 10    
15 16      

3.An interruption of the action to present events.
6.Having no power to move or act; lifeless.
7.A response that disproves or weakens the counter claim.
12.A carefully constructed, well-suppored representation of how a writer sees an issue, problem, or subject
13.Logical appeal; convincing the audience by the use of reason.
14.Particular attitude toward something; outlook.
17.Emotional appeal; convincing the audience by the use of their emotions.
1.To get stuck; break down.
2.Something sung or spoken in a rhythmic monotone.
4.A solid and reasonable statement that opposes or disagrees with your claim.
5.Direct and without emotion; matter-of-fact.
8.Short story or account that entertains and engages the audience.
9.To judge the worth or value of.
10.To explain or tell the meaning of.
11.An exaggeration; used for emphasis or effect.
14.To continue stubbornly.
15.An arguable statement that supports your argument.
16.Ethical appeal; convincing the audience bu using the character of the author.

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