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Words linked to the sale of slaves and work they did afterwards.

1 2
4     5 6 7    

3.Someone who worked to end slavery. (12)
6.A large space under ship deck where slaves were held (4)
9.A sale at fixed prices. Buyers grabbed the slave they wanted to buy. (5,8) (2 Words)
10.A metal rod was heated and pressed on the skin to mark a slave (8,4) (2 Words)
11.A sale where prices of what is sold go up as the buyers offer more. (7)
1.An important crop which used slaves. It grows on bushes. (6)
2.The second stage of the slave trade sea journey from Africa to America. (6,7) (2 Words)
4.Chains which were used to keep slaves from escaping. (8)
5.A large farm where many slaves were used to gather crops. (10)
7.A man paid to keep slaves working hard. (8)
8.A US state with many large tobacco farms where slaves worked. (8)

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