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Effects of Climate Change On Polar Bears

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2.Scientists have found the main cause of death for cubs to be either lack of __________
7.If __________gas levels continue to rise and global warming continues, polar bears and a lot of other species will continue to die.
9.To save the polar bears, we need to ________ greenhouse gas emissions
11.Lack of sea ice causes starvation and __________ for polar bears.
1.There are 19 recognized ____________ of polar bears
3.For polar bears, loss of sea ice means increase in ___________.
4.Sea ice is ________ ocean water
5.Unhealthy polar bears can lead to lower___________ rates
6.For polar bears, loss of see ice means declining _______ size
8.Polar bears primary source of food is _________.
10.If global warming is not reversed, polar bears will be _________ within our lifetime.

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