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2   3
4 5             6                
    7 8 9              
        13   14  
16     17             18                
19           20           21  
23               24

5.Harvester used for barley
6.Applied to established crop to prevent disease
9.Caused by too much nitrogen fertiliser
10.6.5 is ideal
11.Final number (hundreds) of ears per square metre
12.Found at the collar and are big and long in barley
15.Seed guaranteed free from wild oat
16.Acid used when storing barley
18.Herbicide used to control weeds in barley crop
19.Hordeum vulgare
20.Grey brown podzolics can withstand this
22.Barley used in the brewing industry
23.Winter barley variety
25.A by-product of barley cultivation
1.Shed used for storage needs to be this
2.Spring variety of barley
3.Larva of the crane fly
4.Soil for cultivation of barley needs to have this in order
7.Stage that winter barley reaches before growth ceases
8.Optimum date is October 1st for this barley
13.Larva of the click beetle
14.Barley that is not grown for brewing
17.Position of ripe ear in relation to stem
21.Vegetative shoots produced by damage to main shoot
24.Tiny hairs on the grains that distinguishes barley from other cereals

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