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Semester 1 Vocab Words

Kiley Vogel

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3.Ana was ___ when she stole the candy from the candy jar.
4.Drew was very ___ when he got straight A's on his report card and got a scholarship as a freshman.
6.adj. showing a desire to harm others
8.n. a strong feeling of dislike or opposition toward someone or something
14.The word dormitory is a ___ of dirty room.
15.Max told me that Jill was ___ because she hated everyone.
16.adj. recurring at regular intervals; following a regular pattern of coming and going
19.The ___ gave me a lot of information for my report.
20.adj. having more than one meaning, so that it is not clear which meaning is intended
26.The ___ twins disagreed with everything i told them to do.
29.n. anything that is the direct opposite of something else
30.On July 4 we ___ the soldiers who fought for our coyuntry.
31.n. disapproval of someone or something because you think he or she is morally wrong
32.n. a type of prayer in the Christian religion that asks God to protect and help someone, or express good wishes; a blessing
33.The divers were ___ when they jumped off the tower and got a perfect score.
34.The car ___ as it waited for the other car to pass.
1.To ___ my fear of the dark, my dad got me a night light.
2.n. a piece of writing that is about a writer's personal life; a narrative composed from personal experience.
3.My mom was ___ when she found out i broke to bowls and ruined her favorite shirt.
4.n. an action or event that is different from what usually happens or what someone usually does
5.adj. much more than you expect or think is reasonable
7.n. any witty, ingenious saying, briefly expressed OR a short, often satirical poem, usually ending with an ingenious or witty idea
9.adj. simultaneously holding contradictory attitudes or feelings toward someone or something; not sure whether you want or like something or not
10.adj. occurring or living naturally in an area; not introduced
11.adj. likely to cause a lot of controversy and disagreement among people; a person who likes to argue
12.adj. similar to another situation or thing so a comparison can be made
13.v. to say something suddenly because you are surprised, excited, or angry
17.The ___ of france was hated by everyone because he had to much power.,
18.n. a process in which something changes completely into something very different
21.My friend was ___ of her birthday gift, it was as big as her other gifts.
22.n. the effort or desire to increase the well-being of mankind, as by charitable aid or donations
23.A ___ was made when the weather man stated that a hurricane was coming.
24.n. something happening or existing at other than its proper historical time
25.The assembly was ___ , all the students fell asleep.
27.adj. able to be seen, noticed, or understood by looking at a thing carefully
28.adj. having no definite shape or features, or without clear definition

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