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Hebrews, Judaism, & Israel

Eastern Civilization

No. 2

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3.Scattering of Jews due to invading empires
5.Jews return, ration restore, Temple rebuilt sacrifices returned
8.(Party of Allan) Islamic militant group and political party based in Lebanon
9.British _______. (1922 League of Nations)
10.Jewish extremists massacre Arab inhabitants of town near Jerusalim
11.Prophets foretell future of Israel
13.Migration of some 120,000 Russian & Polish Jews back to Palestine (1881-1923)
14.Reastablishment of Jewish homeland
15._______ Declaration. (1917) Britian officially endorses Jewish land
16.(1917-1948) Recognized the right of Jewish people to establish a "National home" in Palestine
1.(1116 BC) Jewish uprising against restrictions on practice of Judaism and desecration of the Temple
2.(Islamic Resistance Movement) Palestinian organization that governs the Gaza Strip
4.(Palestine Liberation Organization) Political and paramilitary organization and is recognized as the official representative of the Palestinian people
6.Agrees to prevent creation of Jewish stater and begins guerrilla warfare
7.Prophet sent from God; will restore Israel
8.8th day of Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem
11.Judah is renamed to erase Jewish identification
12.(1909) First modern all Jewish city, 2nd largest city in Israel, unofficial capital

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