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English project about hooligans crossword

Alexander Sachse Skrubbletrang

About hooliganism

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1.Something you exercise when you get really angry
3.The people who judge soccer games
5.A gathering of people
6.When two or more people ex: kick, punch eachother
8.The different of old
10.People who are passioned about a sport
12.A term used for people who use violence at ex: Soccer games
14.An old famous soccer player, who played for Manchester United
15.When people has a special hatred against the difference race
2.When two groups of people face off against eachother
4.It start with an "F" and ends with "Ship"
9.When you work as a team to achieve something, you use what?
11.People in uniforms trying to retain peace
13.Something you can use to hurt other people

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