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Scientific Method


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1.Any condition that changes.
5.The condition that is being measured. Dependent on the independent variable.
7.Measurement of heat.
9.Information gathered from an experiment.
10.Testing the independent variable.
11.A supported hypothesis.
12.Logical system used to develop scientific thought and understanding.
15.Instrument used to measure volume.
18.Instrument used to measure length.
19.All conditions in the experiment that are the same from trial to trial.
21.Instrument used to measure mass.
2.The condition that is being tested in the experiment.
3.Base unit of weight.
4.First step in the scientific method.
6.Base unit of length.
8.A proven theory.
13.What you think is going to happen.
14.System of measurement used in Science.
16.Derived unit of matter. Mass divided by volume.
17.A trial of the experiment that is missing the independent variable.
20.Individual attempts at the experiment.

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