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Cooking Terms

Malcolm Hill

Works with the accompanying wordsearch to help learners contextualise some terms and expressions found in cookery books.

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1.Slowly cook in liquid (4)
2.Top of custard? (4)
5.Cook in the oven, like beef (5)
7.Looks like cooking with light (7)
8.Uses magnets to make heat (9)
12.Container for cooking liquids (8)
15.Cooks fast and sounds 'Ping' (9)
18.Cook for example a cake (4)
19.Eggs and bacon in the pan (7,3)
22.Cut into pieces (4)
1.Quickly cook the outside of food (4)
2.Of cake? (5)
3.Rises off boiling or hot water (5)
4.3 or 4 minutes in boiling, then cold water (7)
6.Bigger holes than a sifter (8)
9.Glass, metal or clay cooking dish (9)
10.Cooks in boiling water (5)
11.Put in boiling water to soften skin (6)
13.Sifter, of flour perhaps (5)
14.Under a very high heat (5)
16.The top of the cooker (3)
17.Fine or thick, like marmalade (5)
20.Part of cooker for roasting (4)
21.Oranges and Lemons have this (4)

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