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2         3   4 5                          
6               7
  8                             9  
10           11            
  12   13        
14   15                                            
18                         19
20       21       22            
    24                         25                    
    26                     27                           28
      30     31              
32                         33 34 35      
              36   37     38      
  40       41              
            42                   43      
45             46                      
49             50    
51                       52                    
          54         55
57             58                

2.Place id like to live
5.My favorite article of clothing on you is____
6.Water I hate
8.My new favorite Snack
10.I hate when you are____
11.Month we got our first dog
14.Tattoo I want
17.My favorite Old show
18.My favorite part of you(emotionally)
22.Place we went for your family reunion
23.I love when you_____
24.First trip we went on
25.First hotel we ever stayed in together
26.My favorite perfume
27.Thing you hate that I do
29.How many kids I want
31.Favorite activity for us to do
32.Place you got my number
37.Something I love you to do
39.Our first date
40.Our favorite restaurant
42.My favorite video game
45.My favorite part of you(physically)
46.I am not collecting___
51.Place we went for my 18th
52.Sickness I get often
54.Month we started dating(officially)
56.Years till we get married___
57.My favorite animal
58.One thing on my body I wish I could change
1.My favorite Movie
3.Something I hate you to do
4.I love most when I______
7.Month we started talking
9.Something I wish II had more of
11.First time you gave me flowers
12.Best thing we did on our one year
13.Place I loved working at most
14.My dads name
15.My favorite Book
16.Where we said "i love you" first
19.First Movie we watched together
20.Name youre under in my phone
21.If I was an animal id most likely be_____
28.Wedding theme I most want
30.My bra size
33.My favorite Color
34.Place we love
35.My favorite Disney Princess
36.Medicine Im allergic to
38.Our favorite Fore play
41.My favorite ice cream
43.Place id like to vacation to
44.My favorite cut of ring
47.Bad thing I used to do in High School
48.My moms maiden name
49.Thing you think I waste alot of
50.Present I got you your first Birthday
53.Second Medicine im allergic to
55.Place we went for your 21st

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