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1 2
3   4         5
6             7  
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12             13                  
  14 15        
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27         28                  

3.An acknowledgement of an employee’s exceptional performance or achievements expressed in the form of praise, commendation or gratitude.
6.The accumulated and retained difference between profits and losses year on year since the company's formation.
9.Someone who sells something
12.Used to transport crude oil and refied productions in waterborne trade
13.Before carrying out inspection or mtce work the work must be……
16.An employee who is transferred to work abroad on a long-term job assignment.
17.Document required for vessel load out
19.An internal document that a functional department (stores, maintenance, production, etc.) sends to the purchasing department containing details of materials to meet its needs, replenish stocks or obtain materials for specific jobs or contracts.
21.To finish a well so that it is ready to produce oil or gas. After reaching total depth
23.Work that involves a cut, cavity, trench or depression in the surface of the ground
25.A list of goods or services sent to a purchaser showing information including prices, quantities and shipping charges for payment
27.All types of personal property including commodities, materials, supplies, and equipment.
28.The producing capacity of a field during a 24-hour period
1.A numerical summary of an organization’s available resources and how those resources are to be allocated based on anticipated future expenditures for various
2.The process by which excess natural gas is released from an oil field and buned
4.Remedial work carried out on an existing well to increase production.
5.Any written instrument or electronic document containing the elements of offer, acceptance, and consideration to which an agency is a party.
7.Paid time off granted to employees who are out of work due to an illness or injury
8.Banned substance offshore
10.Subsurface, porous, permeable rock formation in which hydrocarbons are present
11.The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a specific task or function.
12.Small diameter pipe which is installed in the casing
14.Fixed structure resting on seabed or piled into it
15.The signed written acceptance of the offer from the vendor
18.Process used to close off individual KPIs Yearly
20.The geographic area that is seaward of a coastline
22.No 1 Oil and Gas Company in Trinidad
24.A fracture in the earth's crust accompanied by a shifting of one side of the fracture to the other side
26.A naturally occuring, unrefined product composed of hydrocarbon deposits

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