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Literary Terms

Mrs. Lusher

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2.middle and end sounds of words rhyme (Shay may say we will play all day!)
5.comparison using LIKE or AS
7.the things which happen in the story
9.first, second, and third --the perspective from which the story is told
12.giving hints about what will happen next in the story
14.referring to something found elsewhere in literature (Her Mona Lisa smile intrigued him.)
15.the part of the story that builds up to the high point or climax
18.when teh opposite of what is expected happens or is said
19.also called the denoument when the loose ends have all been explained
20.the idea the author is trying to get across tot he reader (Love conquers all.)
21.using something to represent something else (dove=peace)
22.the part of the story after the climax that starts to help tie up the loose ends
23.the person or animal the story is about
24.using descriptive language to create pictures in the reader's mind
1.the problems or complications in the story (man against society, man against nature)
3.the bad guy in the story
4.the opening or introduction that explains what the reader needs to know to follow the story
5.the place, time, and mood of the story
6.exaggeration of the truth for efffect (I am going to beat my son for getting a ticket.)
8.giving inanimate object human traits (The car gobbled the gas.)
10.the good guy in the story
11.the most exciting part of the story
13.beginning sounds are the same (Barbie bakes biscuits for breakfast.)
16.the attitude of the writer to his subject, his audience, his characters, etc.
17.words sound like what they are (snap, bang)

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