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Vocabulary Quiz: January 18

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1."God, that was so _______________! How did you now see the student push Mr. Liszanckie down the stairs?!"
6.Paco was the __________ who actually shot the innocent man at the corner store, not the young man the police arrested first..
8.The subject of your persuasive essay.
9.What you will try to persuade your audience of.
10.Some of you ______________________ way too long before you came to me and asked how you could make up your grade.
11.Many of the students in The Freedom Writers Diary show tremendous ______________ because they never gave up no matter how difficult life could be.
12.I don't have anything planned this weekend; it will probably pretty _______________. I think I'll just sleep.
2.Eva is a ____________________ because she went against her family and friends to tell the truth about Paco.
3.In Diary 63, the author tried to _____________ from her boyfriend forcing her to do things she did not want to.
4.In reality, everyone must be ___________________ because at some point you might not have anyone to count on except for yourself.
5.The girlfriend dumped her boyfriend because he was so ___________ he wouldn't even pay for her dinner.
7.The students had to sit quiet for lunch after their ______________ behavior became a little too loud.

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