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HE1 English 2012-2013 Part 1/2

Alexandra Campbell

Mockingjay, Driftwood, forty-two, Little Nick, Portia, nursery, was late, cocaine, North America, electric fence, eye, black dot, David McClean, right side, unknown, twenty, Queen Mab, Theseus, Charles Vyse, Mouse Trap, Belgium, Thetus, Freddie's watch, Hamlet,Lion

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1.What was behind the door he opened in "The Lady or the Tiger"?
5.What did Tessa do at the beginning of the story that was wrong?
9.What was on one slip of paper in the black box?
11.How many times was Gale's name entered in The Reaping draw in the book "The Hunger Games"?
12.Nick's lawyer; cousin
14.What part of the squirrel did Katniss always shot the arrow at?
15.Hercule Poirot was from where?
16.Who killed the Minotaur?
20.Which door did the Princess tell her lover to open?
21.Name of psychologist in "The Veldt"
22.Goddess of soft waves on the beach
23.Amount of years it took Odysseus to get home
24.Mythical creature Mercutio used while describing dreams
25.Where was then cocaine kept when Nick killed herself with it?
2.Name of the room Peter and Wendy were addicted to
3.William Shakespeare also wrote what famous play?
4.What drug does Nick kill herself with?
6.Nick Buckley's childhood nickname
7.Peeta's stylist
8.What continent Panem is located on?
10.Agatha Christie's longest running play
13.What surrounds district 12?
17.What type of wood did Odysseus use to build a raft to get off Calypso's island?
18.In "The Veldt", what animal ate the parents?
19.What is the name of the bird on Katniss's pin?

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