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How Much Do You Know About Sunday Knights?

1 2
3 4                
  6   7 8  
9           10            
    11   12    
13         14               15              
19   20            
  21       22        
24         25         26  
          27   28       29    
30                       31        
    36 37             38
39                         40
42               43        

4.Favorite activity of the 2's class.
9.Head of the nursery.
10.Adopting from Haiti
13.A Grandmother
14.Reason for break in December.
16.Last day of Sunday Knights for the year.
17.One of the team's couples.
18.2'nd grade helper.
19.Pet located in the pond.
22.2'nd graders study ___ of God
23.Bible Beginning
24.Pastor's Wife.
27.Classic Song of younger grades.
29.Also works at church during the week.
30.Geared up theme from last year.
32.4's and 5's teacher
33.Where to go for materials.
35.There's a fountain flowing...
37.Name of Brynn's son
39.Curriculum we use.
41.Former teacher at Parkside Elementary
42.Tiffany Krampe's special feist
43.Works with the oldest students.
1.Where one puts attendance sheets.
2.Church's mission statement.
3.Church acronym
5.Blythefeild street name
7.Happening on Feburary 17'th
8.channel of radios
11.Summer Curriculum
12.Snack for younger grades.
15.Number of books in Bible
20.The light of the church and the love of the home make.
21.High School teacher.
25.What's in the Bible explorer duo
26.A Builder.
28.A book, a light, a map, a sword and a mirror all at the same time.
30.Evanne's school
31.Timeless bible navigation game.
34.In charge of the welcome desk.
36.Name of upstairs classrooms.
38.Homeschooling mom of four.
40.Color of shirts.

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