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NX Sketcher Terminology

Patrick Turcotte

use this cross word puzzle to match definitions with terms used to describe sketcher tools and tasks

1 2
3           4   5
6     7              
  8       9              
12             13                  
14 15   16                  
  17     18          
  20   21            
  23       24  
25 26    
28               29        

3.allows inverse of object to reflect across bisecting edge or plane
7.allows a straight sketch boundary to match the same angle of an existing line
8.makes two diameters share origin point
12.configures an straight edge boundary to be attached to a circular edge
13.applies a geometric construction rule for sketch segments to control intersection or path
15.can be dimension or variable used to describe size,location, or angle of geoemtry feature
18.defines boundaries of a feature
19.detection of a potential intersection
20.allows geometry to be distributed across an axis to exactly match either side
22.allows taper angles to be generated along the depth of an object
23.lengthens a sketch boundary to a intersecting edge
27.precise start location for a feature
28.subtracts a profile from the mass of an object
29.defines 3D space where features will exist in a common view
30.allows a body to be created using an axis of revolution
1.allows edges of a boundary to be related to share a common intersection
2.target vector angle of plunge action used during extrude,draft,or projection
4.allows a sketch edge to be made at the angle of the x axis
5.allows the sketch edge to be made at the angle of the y axis
6.a diension that relates to feature and is used to drive geometry
9.when related to extrude finish point
10.allows a body to be projected while adding depth
11.when related to extrude begin point
14.divides a sketch boundary segment
16.identifies geometry as a reference instead of belonging to the section boundaries
17.permeates a segment or closed section to be duplicated normal to the edges a precise distance
21.center of a line segment
24.allows edges of boundaries to be made at a 90 degree angle relationship
25.plane or axes used as reference geometry for geometry
26.copies geometry as arranged in an circular or rectangular array

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