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1       2                             3    
  4 5                
9                         10    
        14 15
16             17 18                  
19   20            
    21                   22            
23   24                             25  

1.number of molecules in a substances
5.dense cluster of DNA
6.solution with greater solute concentration
7.excretory organelle
8.membrane transport that required atp expenditure
9.limits and encloses the cytoplasm
11.fluid substance of cytoplasm
12.where most cellular activities occur
16.group of similar cells united in the performance oe definite function
18.site for protein synthesis
21.characterized by the presence of a non living extra cellular matrix
22.membrane transpost process from an ardma of high concentration to an area of low concentration
23.fluid located inside the cell
26.diffusion of water or solvent
27.ability of the solution to change size and shape of the cell
28.spreading of particles ina solution
29.where atp is produced
2.systemr of deep channel that windr throughou the cytoplasm
3.process which substances move out of the cell
4.intiates action
9.disarm dangerous chemical in the cell
10.two membrane boundary bet. the inside of the nucleup and that of the cystoplasm
13.composed of cells called neurons
14.cell which make up the tissue of the body
15.the machine of the body
17.specialized bodies
19.transport proteins and other material
20.powerhouse of the cell
24.tough tissue
25.solution of the same amount of solute and solvent

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