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Scientific Revolution

Molly Coyle

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1.action of gravity on all objects throughout the universe
3.approach to understanding the world that involves observation and experimentation
8.The Church taught that the ___________ did not move
12.belief that the earth is the center of the universe
14.invented the barometer
17.The Church did not want people to ___________ it's teachings
18.Almost nothing was known about __________ life
19.Both Copernicus and Galileo were criticized by the ___________
2.period of questioning accepted views of the world
4.proved, using math, that the planets moved around the sun
5.Doctors knew little about the workings of the _____________
6.made the first mercury thermometer
7.used the telescope and open glass thermometer
8.an ancient Greek astronomer who said that the earth was in the center of the universe
9.sun centered
10.the first to believe that the sun was the center of the universe
11.earth centered
13.finding structure of living things
15.said all physical objects were affected by gravity
16.came up with the theory of Scientific Method

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