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Grade 9 Literature

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13 14                              

1.Conversation between characters in a play or movie
6.Writer of a play
10.The indirect comparison of two things
12.Not providing for the future
14.The process by which the writer reveals the personality of the character
15.This was known in the African society as the king of crops
17.A written description of a character in a story or play
18.Place and time that a story occurs
19.The practice of acquiring control over another country, occupying it and exploiting it economically
20.Practice or custom of a man having more than one wife at the same time
2.Word or phrase used to soften something that may seem offensive or harsh
3.A device that gives human qualities to inanimate things
4.Writer of a novel
5.The village in which Chinua Achebe was raised
7.The repetition of the same consonant sounds at the beginning of words
8.A question to which no answer is expected
9.A dry, dusty wind that blows from the Sahara and along the northwestern coast of Africa.
11.Exaggerated statements made for emphasis and not to be taken literally
13.Direct comparison of two things
16.The central or main idea of a story, play or poem

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