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3.Any substance that is made of living things or the remains of living things is called __________ ____. (2 Words)
6.A __________ is a regular repeating pattern in which particles of minerals are arranged.
7.__________ ____ is made from pieces of rocks and minerals. (2 Words)
8.The __________ of a rock or mineral is it's brightness or brilliance.
10.__________ is the organic part of soil.
12.The crystal was so bright and vivid, it might be considered __________.
13.People __________ rocks and minerals to learn more about them.
14.A __________ is a solid structure made of one or more minerals.
1.Igneous rock is formed from cooled __________.
2.__________ ____ forms when heat, pressure, or chemical reactions change one type of rock into another type of rock. (2 Words)
4.You can use the __________ test to see what the substance is or/and what it is made of.
5.__________ ____ forms when magma cools and then hardens. (2 Words)
9.The __________ test is the you use to scratch a mineral with a penny or nail to see how hard it is.
11.A __________ is a natural, nonliving solid with a definite structure.

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