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climate change

Mrs. Zern

  3   4         5
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3.climate determines the ____ of water in an ecosystem
8.is a legally binding agreement negotiated in 1997 under which industrialized countries will reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2% compared to the year 1990
9.a greenhouse gas
12.A natural cause of CO2 emissions
14.People around the world rely on a steady supply of ___ water from glaciers
18.A major concern of climate change is the melting of ___
19.the number one human cause of increased CO2 emissions is the burning of
20.climate determines the type of ____ that humans can cultivate in an ecosystem
21.CO2 levels have been being measured ___ since 1958, providing valuable data about CO2 emissions
22.A natural cause of CO2 emissions
1.The of tree rings indicates years when temperatures were warmer.
2.the primary greenhouse gas
4.air bubbles in ice cores retain ____ gases present at the time the ice formed, thus enabling scientists to study the composition of the atmosphere in the past
5.climate largely determines the nature and location of ____
6.the term given to atmospheric gases that trap heat
7.climate determines the rate of ___ formation
10.climate determines the severity of ____
11.___ absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
13.a change in time and space patterns of temperature, precipitation and wind
15.time and space patterns of temperature, precipitation and wind
16.climate changes relatively ____.
17.climate determines the quantity of ___ in an ecosystem

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