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Chapter 7 Earth Science Crossword

MRs. Morris

1 2 3            
4                 5
7 8                   9 10      
12   13                
15               16 17                      
18       19   20   21              
  22   23                                
25                           26
    27 28            
29     30      
      31                 32  
  34                           35  
38                     39      

3.a fountain of water and steam that erupts from the ground
4.A huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountains
6.Ash, Cinders, and Bombs erupt explosively to form a cone-shaped hill (3 Words)
8.a rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust
10.a long tube nn the ground that connects the magma chamber to Earth's surface
11.any characterisitc of a substance that produces a change in a substance (2 Words)
12.major ingredient in Magma
14.Quiet eruptions alternate with explosive eruptions form layers of lava and ash (2 Words)
15.fast moving, hot lava
17.made up of many layers that erupt from long cracks in the ground (2 Words)
18.A slab of volcanic rock formed when magma squeezes between layers of rock
21.substance made of two or more elements
22.magma is high in silica (2 Words)
24.magma is low in silica (2 Words)
25.forms when magma hardens in a volcanic pipe (2 Words)
28.an area where material from deep within the mantle rises and then melts forming magma (2 Words)
31.the resistance of a liquid to flow
34.Quiet eruptions gradually build up a gently sloping mountain (2 Words)
36.bowl-shaped area that may form at the top of a volcano
37.forms when lava cools very quickly, giving it a smooth glossy surface
38.a major Volcanic belt located in the Pacific Ocean (3 Words)
39.Magma that reaches the surface
40.a classification of a volcano that a is erupting or shows signs of erupting in the near future
41.any substances that cannot be broken down into other substances.
1.slow moving cooler lava
2.pocket in which magama collects beneath a volcano (2 Words)
3.heat from Earth's interior (2 Words)
5.created by smaller bodies of hardened magma (2 Words)
7.a weak spot in Earth's crust
9.a classification of volcanoes that could awaken in the future and become active
10.any characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured (2 Words)
13.is the area covered by lava as it pours out of a vent (2 Words)
16.forms when gas bubbles are trapped in fast cooling lava
19.forms along the boundaries of Earth's plates (2 Words)
20.an opening in the volcano that allows rock and gas to leave
23.occurs when an explosive eruption hurls out a mixture of hot gases, ash, cinders and bombs (2 Words)
26.larger particles
27.a classification of a volcano that will be unlikey to erupt again.
29.forms when ground water is heated by a nearby body of magmaor hot rock deep underground (2 Words)
30.A string of islands formed by the volcanoes along a deep ocean trench (2 Words)
32.A slab of volcanic rock formed when magma forces itself across rock layers
33.pebble sized particles
35.molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and water from the mantle

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