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American Revolution Vocab

Kelsey Waterman

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6.To refuse to buy certain goods and services. Colonists began to boycott British goods.
8.The Sons of Liberty were groups of angry colonists from Boston to Charleston they held mock hangings of cloth or straw effigies dressed as British officials to show them what could happen to them. Some women joined the Daughters of Liberty, signed petitions, paraded, boycotted fine brittish cloth, and walked around saying " It is better to wear a homespun coat then to lose our liberty. (5 Words)
9.In 1774 Parliament encouraged King George III acted to punish Massachusetts colonists called the four laws. (2 Words)
14.The colonists felt the Stamp Act was unfair an dit went directly against the Magna Carta which was signed by the king in 1215. Colonists insisted that only they or there representatives could pass taxes. The Parliament had no right to tax them because the colonists did not elect representatives to Parliament. The colonists were willing to pay taxes if they were passed by there own legislature. (4 Words)
17.Law forbidding English colonists to settle west of the Appalchian Mountains. (3 Words)
19.First shot of the Battle of Lexington and Concord (5 Words)
21.A 1770 conflict in which five colonists were killed by British troops. (2 Words)
23.At day break on April 19, the redcoats reached Lexington a town near Concord. Before the Patriots were about to leave because they were out numbered a shot rang out through the cool air. (2 Words)
24.Colonial militia volunteer who was prepared to fight at a minutes notice.
1.Letter writing a campaign that becomes a major tool of protest in the colonies (5 Words)
2.In 1774 Grenville asked Parliament to pass this act. Putting a new tax on molasses; a valuable item in the triangualr trade. This law made it easier for British officails to bring colonial smugglers to trial. (2 Words)
3.Second principle, founding father, enlightenment, political theorist (2 Words)
4.Stood firmly against Britain he seemed an unlikely reader he loved politics was great at organizing people (2 Words)
5.In 1774 meeting of delegates from 12 colonies this meeting took place in Phialdelphia. (3 Words)
7.Which taced goods such as glass, paper, lead, and tea. The taxes were low but the colonists still objected. It was the same prionciple Parliamentv had no right to tax them without there consent (2 Words)
10.In 1775, conflicts between Massachusetts colonists and British soldiers that started the Revolutionary War (3 Words)
11.Was the first Second Lady and the second First Lady as well as the wife of John Adams (2 Words)
12.Legal document that allowed British customs officials to inspect a ships cargo without giving a reason (3 Words)
13.Is a formal written request to someone in authority, signed by a group of people. The delegates drew up petitions to King George III and to Parliament.
15.Parliament tried helping the Brittish East India Company by passing this in 1773. The act let the company by pass the tea merchant and sell directly to the colonists (2 Words)
16.A 1773 protest in which colonists dressed as indians dumped British tea into Boston Harbor (3 Words)
18.A young lawyer who became a well known vocal critic of British policies (2 Words)
20.A 1765 law that placed new duties on legal documents and taxed newspapers, almanacs. playing crads and dice. (2 Words)
22.To be canceled
24.Army of citizens whoserve as soldiers during an emergency

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