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Mrs. Desjardins' Cool Crossword for Bonus Marks!

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3   4 5   6
    12             13

7.The regular time for gestation.
8.This person can deliver babies at your home.
9.If a woman needs medication during her pregnancy, this needle may be given to her.
11.It's great for a child to feel special, but not __________ from everybody else.
12.Once a month an egg is released from an _______________.
14.This is important to do before your baby learns to crawl.
16.If a woman over 35 years old chooses to get pregnant, her chances of having a baby with d_____________ s_______________ greatly increases.
17.The _________ swim to the egg.
18.After a mommy delivers a baby, she must then deliver the __________.
19.Many women experience this after giving birth and it goes beyond the baby blues.
1.A midwife can only deliver babies at home if the pregnancy is ____ ______.
2.This carries oxygen and nourishment from the placenta to the fetus.
3.When a woman is about to go into labour, her mucus plug pops out and her _________ breaks.
4.B_ _ _ _ f_ _ babies are usually healthier.
5.If the sperm and the egg unite, ________________ occurs.
6.If a baby is in a __________ position, the woman may have to have a ceasarean section (c-section).
10.If a baby is not meeting his/her developmental _____________, the baby should be looked at by a medical professional.
11.Some women develop this condition only for the time they are pregnant.
13.C___________ needs to be both partners' responsibility.
15.If a woman gets this virus while pregnant, it can be deadly for her baby.

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