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Staying Safe and Being Happy

Mr Kirkham

2 3                
  4 5  
      7   8
9 10                
12 13          
    14 15  
16       17 18              

3.You should say this if someone does something nice for you.
6.You should say this if you want somebody to do something for you.
10.If you work with someone to do something you __________ with them.
13.Boxers are allowed to do this, but you shouldn't do this to another child.
16.Your parents and teachers look after you so they _______ for you; rhymes with, 'bear'.
18.If you raise your voice, you are doing this.
19.If someone falls over you should ________ them.
1.If you watch a fight happening you are a _____________________.
2.If you have trouble in the playground, you need to tell this person; begins with an, 'A'.
4.The opposite of dangerous.
5.When you work well in a team you show good ______________.
7.If you do this to someone's face you will have to stay in. Also, it rhymes with, 'tap'.
8.Children who are good at this learn more in class; begins with an L.
9.Another word for grumble; it rhymes with flown.
11.If you say something nasty, you can make someone up___.
12.If you do this to a football it is ok, but NOT to another person.
14.If you are nasty to someone again and again you are a _______.
15.This word rhymes with kite, begins with an F, and if you do this in school you have to stay in.
17.Don't do this to someone in the line or they will fall over.
18.When you are happy you do this; rhymes with, 'mile'.

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