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Sacred Texts with Champson

1 2            
  3       4    
  7 8                   9     10
  14               15        
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      25               26 27        
  28   29                    
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      32   33       34  
36                 37      

2.NOT a sculpture representing a person or animal!
3.Last ruler of the "northern kingdom"
5.of tunnel fame
7.Conquered Judah and Jerusalem and sent the Jews into exile
12.The kingdom of Israel's most feared enemies according to the bible
13.Third major OT chapter beginning with "E"
14.First major OT chapter beginning with "E"
15.Killed when he touched the side of the Ark
17.Adversary of King Solomon once he turned to false idols
18.Committed adultery with Bathsheba
20.Number of psalm that is a response to adultery with Bathsheba (5,3)
22.Contents of the Ark of the Covenant (3,3,12)
25.First ruler of the Kingdom of Judah
29.This points to Jesus in a _________ way
30.Spiritual being associated with the presence of God
33.Prophet who reprimands King David
35.Prophet who wrote "They hatch adders’ eggs,and weave the spider’s web"
36.Josiah reinstated this celebration
37.An Amalekite claimed to have killed this king
1.Released from prison by Evil-Merodach
2.Used by Assyrians to mount attack on Lachish (5,4)
4.Second major OT chapter beginning with "E"
6.Tent that housed the Ark of the Covenant
8.Fifth major OT chapter beginning with "E" (5,3,6)
9.Last king of Judah who watched his own sons murdered
10.Visited Solomon to test him (3,5,2,5)
11.Reformer of the kingdom of Judah
16.Josiah killed by this man in Megiddo (7,4)
19.Probable book of law discovered by the priest Hilkiah
21.Governor of Jehud province after defeat of Kingdom of Judah
23.Abandonment of religion by a person
24.Saul's eldest daughter
26.Victim of a smooth stone
28.Rebelled along with ten tribes and first ruled the Northern kingdom
31.Fourth major OT chapter beginning with "E"
32._____ the Hittite, one of David's best warriors
34.Book where we find "Let justice roll"

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