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How Well Do You Know Your Country?

Amelia Williams

This puzzle will test your minds to see how well you know your country's history. Good luck.

1 2
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17         18

3.Trinidad and Tobago became known as _____________ in 1976
10.First woman Prime Minister (3 Words)
13.He was the last Governor General and the first President of Trinidad and Tobago (3 Words)
15.What was Trinidad called by the natives
16.Soca Warriors made it to which country to participate in the World Cup in 2006?
19.Who rediscovered Trinidad and Tobago? (2 Words)
20.First to settle in Trinidad and Tobago
21.Last Spanish Governor of Trinidad and Tobago (4 Words)
22.A 'dying' art form
1.First Trinidadian to win Miss World (3 Words)
2.National Birds (5 Words)
4.Gained _____________ on August 1962
5..... has the highest individal score in first class cricket (2 Words)
6.This little lady held the most World Boxing Titles (2 Words)
7.Tobago is famous for its lush ...
8.Labour wars were led by (3 Words)
9.Olympic Champion (1976) (2 Words)
11.National Instrument (2 Words)
12.Indentureship saw the arrival of .., (2 Words)
14.First Capital of Trinidad (2 Words)
17.National Flower
18.Internationally recognised two-day event that occurs during February or March

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