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Sound, Light & Magnetism

Sherry Ashley

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1.A material through which heat or electricity flows easily
3.This refers to the loudness of a sound
6.Area around a magnet that has magnetic force, every magnet has one
7.All magnets have 2 of these - one north & one south
8.A tool that uses Earth's magnetic field to show direction
9.This is the highest or lowness of a sound
12.This is when light hits an object and bounces back
15.A material that blocks light completely, ex: wood or metal
16.This is the stopping of light when it hits an object
17.A material that allows some light to pass through, ex: stained glass
18.A reflected sound
19.When 2 magnets pull towards one another
20.A back & forth motion that causes sound
2.A material that allows all light to pass through, ex: glass
4.Cole of wire wrapped around a metal core which makes a magnetic field
5.This moves out in all directions from the source of a sound
10.An object that separates white light into bands of colored light
11.The bending of light as it passes from one material to another
13.When 2 magnets push away from each other
14.Material that slows or stops flow of energy such as heat,electric,sound

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