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La Martiniere Fun Trivia Crossword Page

Glenn Stone

Fun and Facts about La Martiniere Schools. Testing the general knowledge of past and present events and random bits of information on the site

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6.What main instrument did Glenn play on the welcome clip?(watch spelling!)
7.What was our benefactor's occupation?
10.Location of Claude Martin's special building
12.Junior captain of Charnock House
14.What significant event is celebrated annually?
15.Another word for hail or long live!
16.Full name of school benefactor
18.The nawab of this region was a great friend of Claude Martin
19.Main colour of the LMC and LMG buildings
20.Name of street the LMG is located on
1.What was issued in 2011?
2.A means of early student transportation!!
3.Name of the buiding which played an important part in the founder;s life
4.Creator of the Indian Penal Code
5.Number of crest flags
8.One of the early villages that formed Kolikata
9.Miss Lawrence was affectionately known by this name!
11.Founder of Calcutta/Kolikata
13.Sign above the Girls' basketball team
17.What social alumni event is also held annually?

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