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World History: Societies of the Past (Greece 122-129) Name: _____________ ( /26)

H. Adams

Here's a puzzle based on the textbook "World History: Societies of the Past" (pg. 122-129).

1 2
3   4 5 6        
8             9   10
13   14           15   16          
18   19              
22   23         24

6.They weren't considered citizens.
7.one goal of Spartan education
8.This long, epic poem tells part of the story of the Trojan War.
11.This was built to replace the two temples to Athena that the Persians destroyed.
12.A poor man likely couldn't become a citizen because he wouldn't have this kind of security.
13.The Greeks called themselves this.
16.a city-state that we know a lot about
17.Dorian weapons were made of this material.
19.adjective to describe the kind of society Sparta was
20.the Greek word for city-state
21.This epic poem describes the journeys of Odysseus, a hero of the Trojan War.
22.Men were usually in their _____ (age) before they became citizens.
25.Greek soldiers hid in this huge wooden structure and then attacked at night to defeat the Trojans.
1.name of war between the Mycenaeans and the people of Troy
2.Citizens of the city states had to take a direct role in this.
3.He stole the beautiful Helen, queen of Sparta, which started the Trojan War.
4.the large, fortified rock formation above the city-state of Athens
5.We know a lot about this city-state.
9.Atfhens claimed to stand for greater ___ and individual freedom than Sparta.
10.the name for a Spartan racecourse
14.All city-states had this in common.
15.Unlike Egypt, this kind of land was scarce.
18.Famous Greek philosopher who thought that the ideal polis should have 5, 000 citizens.
19.Citizen were in the _____ in every city-state because of certain controls on citizenship.
23.The harshest punishment to inflict on a citizen was to sentence him to this.
24.If you rescued a discarded Spartan baby, you could raise it as this.

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