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Cruise Ships

Jason Sears

Key terms to do with cruising...

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1.A guest room on a cruise ship is known as what?
3.This cruiseline specialises in offering cruises to people over 50.
4.This term refers to how long the ship is.
6.This company owns Cunard, P&O & Princess Cruises.
7.This type of cruise will take you to the remotest parts of the world and may have scientists onboard.
9.Width of a cruise ship at the widest point.
10.This term refers to the vertical distance from the water to the lowest part of the ship.
13.This type of cruise requires you to get a plane to the port where you will board your cruise ship. (2 Words)
14.This cruise line has the names of two countries in its' title. (2 Words)
2.What is the largest cruise ship in the world. (4 Words)
3.Passenger ................... Ratio, this refers to the amount of room in square metres that each passenger has onboard.
5.This type of cruise travels across the ocean from the UK to America.
8.Abbreviation for Passenger Crew Ratio.
11.You may see Mickie, Minnie & Pluto on ships owned by this cruiseline.
12.The term used to describe the weight of a cruise ship.

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