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Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

Puzzle Made By Mallory High

1 2
    4     5              
6     7                    
10                       11
14               15                     16
21                         22    
23               24        

3.page 27 paragraph 1--- brilliance of success,
4.page 27 paragraph 1--- easily seen or noticed
7.page 24 paragraph 4--- to supply land with water by artificial means,
8.page 25 paragraph 4--- a building, especially one of large size or imposing appearance
9.page 17 paragraph 2--- long drawers extending below the skirt
10.page 24 paragraph 4--- disturbed, as in one's composure or self-possession
13.page25 paragraph1--- man or boy having traits, tastes, habits, etc.
14.page 25 paragraph 1--- any cause of ruin
15.page 16 paragraph 5--- to work out carefully or minutely; develop to perfection.
18.page 24 paragraph 1--- body going into a seizer
19.page 18 paragraph 1--- odd or unnatural in shape
21.page17 paragrapg 1--- help out general
23.page 25 paragraph 1---to make sore by rubbing
24.page 16 paragraph 8--- a lump or mass, especially of earth or clay.
25.page 27 paragraph 1--- worthy of notice or attention
26.page 17 paragraph 3--- surreptitiously or by stealth
27.page 18 paragraph1--- the sill of a doorway
28.page17 paragraph---directed toward home:
1.page 26 paragraph 2--- to intercept or attack from ambush
2.page 17 paragraph 2--- a braid
5.page 17 paragraph 1---ran past it
6.page 22 paragraph 3--- an utterance of good wishes.
11.page17 paragraph 1--- stoop down
12.page 15 paragraph 3--- directed toward the rear.
16.page 26 paragraph 2--- causing grief or great sorrow
17.page 17 paragraph 2--- vanishing; fading away; fleeting
20.page 26 paragraph 2--- parenthood
22.page 25 paragraph 4---a person who shares in one's activities

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