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Vocab tic tac toe

Connor Jackson

3 4    
8                                   9
    12   13
    14               15        

2.A substance commonly metal such as copper or aluminum through which electricity will flow.
5.An incomplete circuit through which electricity will not flow
6.A way to represent a circuit on a piece of paper.
7.The source of electricity
8.D cell, bulbs, and wires
10.A metal clip that connects wires in a circuit .
11.A material that prevents the flow of electricity commonly plastic rubber glass or air.
14.Holds many components needed to build a circuit
16.Part of a light bulb that gets hot and produces light.
17.an energy receiver that produces motion.
1.A component that uses the electricity from the source to make something happen.
2.A complete circuit through which electricity flows
3.Provides energy to the light bulb
4.When electrons are moving from a place with an excess of electrons to a place deficient in electrons.
9.A device used to open and close circuits.
12.A pathway for the flow of electricity
13.More than one cell but most people use the words battery and D cell interchangeably
15.An energy receiver that produces light.

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