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Accommodation Terms

Honey Tyagi

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2.Material woven from fibers of the flax plant
5.The process of making yarn from fibers.
9.A service room provided on each room for GRAs to store cleaning agents, equipment, guest supplies, guest room linen,and maids carts.(5,6)
10.The foam formed on the surface of the soap or synthetic-detergent solution as the result of agitation.
15.The study of people in relation to their working environment.
16.This is another name for florists foam
17.Japanese screens originally made of rice paper mounted on a wooden frame coated with black lacquer, but now available in translucent plastic materials.
18.Indicates the number of warp ends & weft picks per unit measure of a fabric.(6,5)
19.The yarns running lengthwise in a fabric are called ______
20.Another term for taps
1.A collective term for all articles on a bed; but normally refers to launderables.
3.Amenity: A service or item offered to guests or placed in guest rooms for convenience and comfort at no extra cost.
4.A worksheet prepared on the basis of a physical inspection of the property, detailing areas and aspects to be renovated and giving details of the specification and estimated costs of such renovation.(4,4)
6.An individual yarn (either a cut length or one half of a loop) resulting from a single penetration of the primary backing of a carpet by a threading needle.
7.Guest supplies not normally found in a guestroom, but available upon request for example hair dryers and ironing board.(4,5)
8.These are self-service laundries usually found in motels.These may be utilized by using coin slots to pay by the load or by making a fixed payment.
11.These reagents are used in rinsing to ensure that all chlorine from bleaching has been removed
12.Sound absorption quality of certain materials, usually those used on ceilings, walls, and floors
13.flooring which consists of marbel , granite & other decorative chips , set in cement.
14.Mild acids used to neutralize any residual alkalinity in fabrics after washing and rinsing.

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