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World History: Societies of the Past (Greece 122-125) Name: _____________ ( /26)

H. Adams

1 2 3
4 5   6                
      7   8        
9             10                    
12               13  
15 16     17              
20   21      

6.King of Sparta during the Trojan War.
8.Achilles's mother dunked him in this river.
9.The Greeks had an economy based on this.
10.The interior of the Parthenon was destroyed in this century.
12.They destroyed two temples in 480 BCE.
15.Mycenae could defend itself better because it was built on this.
17.This hero's mother wanted him to be invincible in battle.
18.Greek soldiers hid in a horse made of this material.
19.The only part of Achilles that remained dry.
20.Odysseus was king of this island.
1.The Mycenaeans used this material when making their weapon.
2.It was built to replace two temples that had been destroyed.
3.Greek stories were recited aloud by these professionals.
4.He stole Helen, which started the Trojan War.
5.Name of the war between the Mycenaeans and the people of Troy."
7.Epic poem that describes the journeys of one of the Trojan War's heroes.
8.He told the Trojans that the Greeks had given up.
11.Mycenaean civilization may have collapsed due to this kind of war.
13.Mycenaean civilization collapsed in this century, BCE.
14.Helen's fact could launch this many ships.
16.Dorian weapons were made of this material.
20.Epic poem that tells part of the story of the Trojan War.
21.author of two famous epic poems

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