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Rune Factory and Rune Factory 3 Crossword


This crossword is based on the two Nintendo DS games: Rune Factory and Rune Factory 3.

  7 8 9 10    
11                 12 13
14             15                
    18             19
20         21            
  22 23     24    

2.Little Mage is found in _____ Cave. (RF)
4._____ Show Summer 18th. (RF)
6.Season in which the Treasure Hunt is held. (RF)
11.Name of the town in Rune Factory. (RF)
14.A kind and generous girl who raises flowers with love and care. (RF3)
15.You can get cologne at _________ Flowers. (RF3)
16.Jean's Daughter. (RF)
17.When you marry Tori, she always gives you a _____ Apple for lunch. (RF)
18.Marian hates these. (RF3)
20.Sakuya charges _____ hundred gold to read your fortune. (RF3)
21.Misty _____ Cave. (RF)
22.Fruit found in Sol Terrano Desert. (RF3)
25.When Sofia speaks in opposites, the text is colored ___. (RF3)
1.An ingredient in Steamed Cake. (RF3)
3.Name of the person who gives you the Sleeping Bag. (RF)
5.____ Cat is a Summer Flower. (RF)
6.Season in which Emery Flowers grow. (RF)
7.Rune Factory doctor's name. (RF)
8.Quickest growing crop. (RF)
9.Suggested level before entering Vale River. (RF3)
10.Gentle and calm. It doesn't usually attack people, but try not to make it mad. (RF3)
12.The first person you meet in Rune Factory. (RF)
13.One of the boss monsters at Oddward Valley. (RF3)
17.An ingredient in French Toast. (RF)
19.This 26 legged crustacean can be caught in the summer. (RF3)
23.Hates vegetables. (RF3)
24._____ Cave is the final cave in Rune Factory. (RF)

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