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World History: Societies of the Past (Greece 136-137) Name: __________ ( /30)

H. Adams

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2.this structure lay atop a hill overlooking Athens and contained the city's religious buildings.
4.part of animals the deities were offered during sacrifice
5.A commander in the military probably prayed a lot to this deity.
8.His domain is a watery world.
10.one whom you might go to for advice
11.During a festival, this kind of contest might draw a large crowd of spectators.
13.Before a hunt, I'd likely make a sacrifice for this deity.
16.an animal's body part examined by soothsayers for signs
17.a liquid that might be offered as a libation
19.During a sacrifice, the meat (besides the thighbones) was eaten by these people.
20.one aspect of Greek society that offered women some influence and power
21.A bright Greek student would likely give thanks to this diety.
25.ruler of the gods
26.word meaning "a priestess who predicts the future"
28.This kind of oil was often used as a libation.
29.famous oracle's location
1.of the deities
3.word that means a "public speaker"
6.common animal used to predict the future
7."Party Animals" in Ancient Greece loved this deity.
9.Farmers likely prayed a lot to this deity.
12.The Greeks believed these were responsible for what happened to them, whether good or bad.
14.name, in general, for offerings during a sacrifice
15.Ancient Greeks organized their calendar around these.
17.a common sacrificial item
18.If I were happily married in Ancient Greece, I'd probably thank this deity.
22.Greek work meaning "marketplace"
23.One type of food some deities liked to be offered during a sacrifice.
24.god who sent messages back and forth between the gods
27.this part of an animal was burned in the fire and offered to the deity during sacrifice

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