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Confused Words

Brendan O'Neil

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2.is an expression showing possession for plural nouns
4.indicates permission
7.is a numerical expression
8.means to make worse
10.should only be used when referring to executions
13.is used for quantities that can be counted
15.is used for quantities that can be counted
17.means unreadable
20.is used to discuss distance
22.means one of a kind
23.is a preposition
24.is a contraction for "they are"
26.relates to the ability to do something
27.means to agree or to take something that is offered
29.means qualified to be chosen
30.means everything but
31.is used for meanings other than physical distance
33.means also
1.is an expression of location and distance
3.It is NOT a real word. Use regardless
5.is used for lists of three or more
6.to express excitement and optimism
9.is a conjunction used to join clauses (2 Words)
11.is used for quantities that can not me counted
12.is used for quantities that cannot be counted
14.is the hast tense if hang in all other situations
16.is usually used as a verb
17.means to come to a country
18.Means actually
19.is used only for two items
21.means to leave a country
25.to express nervousness or fear
28.is usually a noun
32.is used to express motion or direction

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