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World History: Societies of the Past (Greece 138-139) Name: _____________ ( /30)

H. Adams

1       2   3
5   6        
  8 9
10     11  
12                 13  
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    28             29        

1.place where the distance of the modern day Olympic marathon was determined
6.Actors wore these to portray different characters.
7.sport that was one of the Olympic's main events
12.very exciting and dangerous races
15.They were not allowed to compete in the Olympics.
16.the most violent Olympic event
17.Olympics were held every ____ years.
18.Like the Egyptians, Greek writers wrote on sheets made of this.
22.Plays were often part of religious festivals, especially the festival honouring this deity.
24.Greeks had special songs for this.
27.A Greek reader had to do this to a "book" to read it.
28.a type of play that led Greeks to think about important life issues
29.first performed in Athens in this century, BCE
2.These games were the most important sports ceremony in ancient Greece.
3.Before the Olympics, a festival was held to honour this important deity.
4.This person thought that writing stopped people from thinking and remembering.
5.In order to compete in the Olympics, you had to be _______.
8.Greek comedy writers made fun of these powerful beings.
9.a main musical instrument
10.name for the 12 actors who commented on a play's action through dance, song, etc.
11.the city-state that hosted the Olympic games
13.Actors used speaking tubes inside their masks to increase the ____ of their voices.
14.Farmers probably enjoyed songs about this.
19.During the pankratium, it was against the rules to break these.
20.shape of the stage in Greek theatre
21.a main musical instrument
23.Greek plays had no more than ____ actors, who each played several parts.
24.a type of play that was very popular
25.Actors wore thick-soled ______ to increase their height.
26.an animal that was sacrificed during the Olympic's opening ceremonies

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