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The New Nation

Mrs. B

Complete the puzzle using the US 1.7 Vocabulary sheet. On the vocabulary sheet, check off words that were used on this crossword. With the remaining words (8 words, write meaningful sentences using the words correctly. Yes, this is for a grade.

    4 5  
7                             8                  
      9           10      

7.The very first constitution that had many weaknesses
9.the exchange of goods and services or trade
11.one house legislature
12.two house legislature (Senate and Congress)
13.supreme law of the land
14.changes made to laws
1.an organization that seeks to influence government policy
2.the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution
3.the way government stops or limits another branch's power
4.head of the state and government
5.the distribution among the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch
6.This political party believe in a strong states rights. This party later split into two parties that are present in modern day.
8.A political party started by Alexander Hamilton. This party committed to a strong national government.
10.coins, paper notes, bank notes...the nation's money

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