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Suffix -ize

Conversation Class 02/04/2013

1 2   3         4
  8                 9
  10   11 12  
13                     14  
16             17                  

2.This class has an ___ on vocabulary.
7.When the English ___ America, many natives were killed.
8.I ___ every morning with coffee and breakfast.
13.We ___ our honeymoon by paying the hotel and buying tickets.
15.We all ___ for people who suffer from injustices.
16.Do you ___ what time it is?!
17.I need to better ___ my life and put my health first.
18.I can hardly ___ you! You look great!
19.I tried to ___ that because the shoes were on sale, I should buy them.
20.Our boat ___, but we were okay with our life jackets.
1.Let's finally ___ this kitchen.
3.My family is top ___.
4.My heartbeat was rapid, but then it became ___.
5.I have to ___ the driving laws before the test.
6.Our security guard ___ students with his voice and glare.
9.It's hard to ___, but when you do, you'll feel better.
10.The paramedics were able to ___ the victim's neck.
11.I had to ___ the importance of washing hands to my kids.
12.After surgery, the pain was ___.
14.This restaurant ___ in organic food.

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