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5         6   7
8               9
11 12               13
15   16         17          
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1.Had also moved from a big city to the small rural town likethe Protagonist
5.The Black Rose Knight
8.Li clan of sorcerers from Hong Kong
10.Eighth Division captain. He is around the same age as Chizuru
11.Leader of the Black Knights
16.Second son of a demon and human
17.Wants revenge on whoever killed Aika
18.Fifth Child and the seventeenth Angel
21.Chosen by Ogen to demonstrate the Iga's skills for Ieyasu
24.Part of the Dispatch Management Division and collects souls
25.Feared by his teacher Saeko
26.Cursed by the spirit of the cat of the zodiac
27.Forbidden brotherly love
28.Sided with the humans to fight against the Kowloon children
30.He was born an un-sorcerer, meaning that he cannot use magic
2.Karen and Tsukihi's brother
3.Member of the Earth Clan which protects the Tepes vampire family
7.Is a former vassal of the deceased 7th King
9.Oz and Jack ______
12.Youngest State Alchemist
13.Member of the Kairoshu and uses the Iga's "Kira" technique
14.He is also known as the Black Reaper
15.Reincarnation of the Underworld God
19.Former member of class 13. Sister Complex
20.Protagonist of X
23.Before his death he kisses Seras
25.By birth, he is Howell Jenkins
29.Protagonist of VII-CC

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