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The Presentation pf Self

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6.The process by which we define others bas on observable cues age, race
8.Area social interaction away from the view of an audience, where people can rehash their behavior
9.Deeply discrediting characteristic that is views as an obstacle to competent or morally trustworthy behavior
10.Study of social interaction as theater in which people project images in front of others
11.Gently persuading someone who has lost face to accept a less desirable but still reasonable alternative
12.An area of social interaction where people perform & work to maintain appropriate impressions
1.Act of resenting a favorable public image of oneself so that others will form positive judgments
2.Statement designed to explain unanticipated, embarrassing, or unacceptable behavior after the behavior has occurred
3.Set of individuals who cooperate in staging a performance that leads an audience to form an impression of one or all team members
4.Spontaneous feeling experienced when the identity someone is presenting suddenly and unexpectedly discredited in front of others
5.Assertion designed to forestall any complaints or negative reactions yo a behavior of statement that is about to occur
7.Action taken to restore an identity that has been damaged

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