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Science Year 1

Name:_____________________ Date:_____________________

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1.The Continental _______ has gentler slope.
5.The rise of liquid inside a very fine tube.
7.Water is the Universal ______?
10.The Continental _______ separates Oceanic and Continental crust.
12.The Attraction among molecules through out the mass of a material.
14.Equally bonding of electrons that are shared between atoms.
15.Water has high ______ capacity.
2.The Continental _______ is good fishing grounds.
3.97% on Earth is what?
4.The watery layer of the earth's surface.
6.Molecular attraction between the surfaces of two different materials.
8.Mass per unit Volume.
9.The Continental _______ descends steeply from seaward edge.
11.Broken Hydrogen Bonding
13.Maximum Hydrogen Bonding

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